The Corona Hangover: Q&A with Murfett Legal

11 May 2020

Q & A with Murfett Legal

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Like any big hangover, in the light of day we start to question our decision making.  How we can fix the bad decisions and stand by the good decisions we made with the little bit of courage you only get while under the influence. Some of the things you will need to consider over the next couple of weeks and/or months, will include:

  • Reintegrating staff back into the workplace?  Will your flexible working arrangements policy need to change moving forward?

  • How has your brand survived during restrictions?  Have you been completely "MIA" and have to reintroduce yourself to the market?

  • ​How is your relationship with creditors?  Have you been paying within terms?

  • ​How about your landlord? Did you negotiate a reduction in rent?  How was this documented?

  • Does anyone owe you money? What if they don't have capacity to pay you?

  • ​How big is your ATO debt?  What is going to happen in September 2020 when the help is turned off?  Will you still be able to survive?

  • Do you have a deferred payroll tax debt that will need to be paid?

​​These and many more questions will be considered as to what happens once the COVID-19 economy is put on the path to recovery.

Speak to our team below in the webinar on Thursday 21 May 2020 at 9.30am (AWST):

Kelly Parker (Director: Business Advisory, Commercial & Insolvency)
Mike Frampton (Partner: Tax, Commercial & Estate Planning)
Kate Walawski (Partner: Employment & Workplace Relations)

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