Tax Debts: Early Engagement is Key

23 Apr 2018


We are finding that although the ATO is cracking down on debts and non-compliance, in our experience the following have assisted our clients to achieve positive results:

  1. Voluntary action is taken to bring all lodgements up to date;
  2. The ATO is engaged early in discussions, and preferably before Court action is commenced;
  3. Appropriate applications are made (eg remission applications) and evidence in support is provided, with full disclosure; and
  4. The factors the ATO considers, and the ATO’s relevant policies, are addressed in full in any applications/discussions.
However, not all taxpayers' circumstances are the same. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
Murfett Legal’s Tax Team is led by one of Western Australia’s most experienced and preeminent Tax Lawyers, Mike Frampton.
Mike has over 25 years of Tax Law experience and is well-known for his results focus and client service.
In 2017, our Tax Team and our Insolvency and Litigation Team assisted our clients with the following, often working closely with our clients' accountants:
  • GIC (interest) remission
  • Penalty remission
  • Div 7A
  • Hardship (core tax)
  • Instalment arrangements
  • Deferment arrangements
  • Court actions
  • Winding-up / Bankruptcy proceedings
See also our Tax Debts, Arrangements and Disputes Services Guide.

Contact Jason De Silva or Mike Frampton for a no-obligation meeting, in person or by telephone.

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