Landgate Update to Verification of Identity (VOI) Practice

12 Jun 2018

Verification of Identity

As of 5/6/2018 Landgate have updated their Verification of Identity (“VOI”) practice.

Previously it was a Landgate requirement that all sellers/transferors undergo identity verification when selling / transferring property.

The updated VOI practice seeks to improve the integrity of information in the Western Australian Land Titles Office system, reduce the risk of improper dealings & fraud and remove confusion in both electronic and paper environments.

The key changes to the updated VOI practice will:

  1. extend the requirement for verification of identity to buyers of property and caveators when lodging and withdrawing caveats; 
  2. update the categories of documents which need supporting verification of identity;

  3. update the procedures for conducting verification of identity in countries outside of Australia; and 

  4. improve the existing VOI procedures for self-represented parties.

Should you require further information about your land transactions, please contact Murfett Legal or Peter Broun on +61 8 9388 3100.

E:         [email protected]
Peter Broun, Director, Murfett Legal

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