30 Year Anniversary

18 Dec 2020

Murfett Legal 30 Year Anniversary

Our strong client focus, resilient culture and teamwork has set us up for continued success. Even with the disruption of the pandemic we have worked closely on  strategy, leadership, and operational planning.

Never before has it been so important for teams to be aligned than during the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

Our leadership team comprises of three owners / directors - Jason De Silva, Kelly Parker and Peter Broun, as well as General Manager, Corene Baird-Coetzer, and senior partner Mike Frampton.  We are grateful to our staff for all they do to help us achieve our mission.

WA’s business landscape is always evolving. Our team at Murfett Legal demonstrates courage, strong leadership, creativity and innovation in remaining true to our focus despite current challenges. Our focus being on Results and Client service.

As we reflect on 30 years at Murfett Legal, we also look forward to a prosperous and successful future, continuing to provide exceptional service to our clients.

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