Online Q&A with an Insolvency Lawyer

26 Mar 2020

Q&A with an Insolvency Lawyer Never before has it been more important to get information on what can be done in challenging business and economic times like this.

Join Business Women Australia National Director, Lyn Hawkins along with members and guests as we hear from Kelly Parker, Director of Murfett Legal, as we delve into the issues around Insolvency and Turnaround.

This is the perfect opportunity to hear from an experienced insolvency and turnaround lawyer. We will cover:

  • What happens when a business cannot pay its debts?
  • Is this a good time to access external funds to meet liabilities?
  • What if the business is struggling to make a profit?
  • How long should we keep operating and when is the best time to close the doors?
  • Should we extend our overdraft?
  • Who is responsible for repaying debts to a Liquidator or creditors?
  • What are the potential criminal penalties (as we understand them today)?
  • What about the Government “survival” incentives?
  • What happens if…
  • How have the rules changed?

If you have anything specific you’d like us to add email  Lyn or Kelly – or add it to the chat box when you are online.

This event begins at:

WA: 9:30am

NT: 11:00am

QLD: 11:30am

SA: 12:00pm

NSW, VIC: 12:30pm

The BWA community is an excellent source of business expertise whether you are an executive, business owner, adviser, coach, entrepreneur or professional. Exchanging knowledge and connecting is a key benefit of being involved with this collective. Tap into the expertise of experienced professionals and business leaders. Similarly, offering your advice and helpful ideas is an excellent way to build your network and to share your expertise.

Join us for this opportunity to learn about turnaround strategies and insolvency from where ever you may be in Australia.

FREE for Business Women Australia members and those in hardship, or considering membership.

Everyone is welcome to register.



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