FDIO: Succession Planning for Aboriginal Organisations

18 May 2016



Succession planning for aboriginal organisations

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at 5.30pm (Perth)

This is a conversation that every aboriginal organisation needs to have.

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill future key leadership positions in your organisation.

But how does that happen in Aboriginal organisations when:

  • Your organisation is not in the city and professional training is difficult to find.
  • Cultural and family obligations sometimes conflict with legal obligations.
  • The young fellas just don’t seem to be stepping up to the mark?

Tom Meagher of Murfett Legal has considerable on-country experience with Aboriginal organisations (associations, trusts, corporations, representative bodies and communities), and has implemented some interesting ‘corporate memory’ initiatives for his clients. In his typically engaging way, Tom will provide some legal context for succession planning and then offer some useful practical guidance on the issues facing Aboriginal groups.

Alex Davis of Nexia is an accountant with many long-term farming family clients. While on a smaller scale, family farm succession planning has a number of issues which mirror those of Aboriginal organisations. Alex was also President of the WA Hawks Supporters Club for over 20 years and has witnessed the journey of many of the young Indigenous players and what it took for them to succeed and ultimately take leadership roles in footy and the community. Alex will draw on his experiences to offer some insight into what it takes for successful succession planning.

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