Casual employees or hidden liabilities

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Businesses with even one casual employee should pause and do a self-audit of their workforce; it is imperative to know and understand the make-up and risk profile of your workforce when it comes to compliance with industrial laws.

Many businesses consider casual employees a flexible and low risk option due to not having to pay annual or sick leave, or no unfair dismal claims can be made. In August the Full Federal Court decided an employee of WorkPac was entitled to annual leave as he worked regular hours.

The session will focus on casual employees - what is a true casual; the nature of casual employment; the risks; how to minimise those risks; tips and tricks for businesses with (or thinking about getting) casual staff, with references to the WorkPac v Skene case.

DATE: Tuesday 13 November 2018
TIME: 8.00am - 10.00am
Venue: Institute of Public Accountants Training Centre
Fee: Member $190 / Non Member $220

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