Will Checklist

Please provide us with the following information to assist in the drafting of your Will. Also, if you have a current will, please provide us with a copy for our review.

This information comprises part of your instructions to this Firm and is therefore the subject of Solicitor/Client privilege. This information remains confidential and will be destroyed or returned to you at your request.

Please Note:

If you have obtained financial planning of accountants’ advice regarding the preparation of your Will, we recommend you let us liaise with your advisor.

Please ensure that you fully understand every aspect of these instructions you give and the draft Will you will initially receive from us, for your review and approval. If you do not understand this instruction sheet or the Will, we strongly recommend you make an appointment with one of our lawyers to clarify these issues.

The information contained in this questionnaire is of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice. Please contact our office to make an appointment to obtain advice specific to your circumstances.

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