Changes to Landgate's Verification of Identity and Authority Practice (VOI Practice)

14 Sep 2017


The Verification of Identity (VOI) Practice commenced on 1 July 2012 for property transactions and it was made a requirement that all sellers have their identities verified (by either their solicitor, settlement agent or participating Australia Post outlets).

Landgate has advised that they will be updating the VOI Practice to:

  • require buyers and caveators to have their identities verified;

  • update the categories of documents required for verifying one’s identity;

  • update the procedures for verification of identity in a foreign country; and

  • improve the procedures for self-represented parties i.e. Australia Post will now be authorised to undertake all aspects of the VOI process and issue a VOI statement.

The commencement date for the updated VOI Practice has not been advised at this stage.

If you wish to discuss VOI please contact the team at Murfett Legal.

For further information contact Murfett Legal by emailing one of the following directors:

Jason De Silva (Director):     [email protected]
Kelly Parker  (Director):       [email protected]
Peter Broun  (Director):       [email protected]

Authors:     Peter Broun, Tom Meagher & Deborah Low

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