Our Approach to Debt Collection

14 Feb 2017


At Murfett Legal, we take a commercial approach to debt collection. This is how:

  1. We get it done right the first time. Too often Court action is commenced without properly considering and pleading the strongest basis for your claim. As a result, amendments are necessary at a later stage, at unnecessary further cost to you. We consider the contract and the invoices, and determine how best to set out the claim. We know that each step in the recovery process is an attempt to convince the debtor to pay, not just a step in the process.

  2. We get it done quickly. Too often Court action is threatened, but delays are encountered in the ‘turnaround’ between a lawyer receiving instructions and actually lodging a claim at Court, indicating to the debtor a lack of resolve. We pride ourselves on quick action, thereby increasing the chances of quick payment.

  3. We develop an early settlement strategy. Whilst at the same time aggressively litigating your claim, we aim to develop a commercial settlement strategy (to run in parallel), taking account of legal costs of proceeding to trial, the strength of a claim, the merits of any defence asserted, and the capacity of the debtor to pay.

  4. We are creative. Each claim is unique, having regard to the circumstances in which the debt was incurred, the basis of the claim, the debtor’s capacity to pay, and the reasons for non-payment. We have a full legal and commercial arsenal for collecting debts, including:

  • Court action and representation in all Courts, including Magistrates, District, Supreme, and Federal Courts.

  • Solicitors experienced in negotiating settlements, and recording them in settlement deeds which provide increased certainty of payment and added security.

  • Statutory demands and aggressive insolvency proceedings.

We would be happy to meet with you, or if you are busy (as we are), just try us out.

For further information contact Murfett Legal by emailing one of the following directors:

Jason De Silva (Director):     [email protected]
Kelly Parker  (Director):       [email protected]
Peter Broun  (Director):       [email protected]

Author:     Jason De Silva

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