Getting The Right People In Your Corner: How a Strategic Lawyer Can Help You Formulate A Winning Business Strategy

06 Sep 2018


Being in business is a bit like being a boxer - the competition is intense and you need the right people in your corner if you’re going to be successful. You need everyone you work with to be doing everything possible to help your business perform at its best. Lots of people expect their lawyer to be an excellent legal technician, but what they really need is someone who’s also going to focus on being a strategic partner that can help them formulate a winning business strategy.

Business Opportunity vs Legal Risk

Business is always about balancing risk and reward. Act too conservatively and you’ll miss out on opportunities and hand your competitors an advantage. Be too reckless and you put you and your company at risk of negative legal & financial consequences. Working with a strategic lawyer with an in depth understanding of your industry and the laws that govern it will allow you to strike a better balance between business opportunity and legal risk.

Strategic, Financial & Operational Objectives

A good strategic lawyer should have an understanding of the way your business functions as a whole - including the strategic, financial and operational goals you’re looking to achieve. They’ll then be able to ascertain how legal issues fit into this bigger picture and be able to assist you in formulating and implementing a strategy that will ensure that you achieve these objectives.

An Alternative Strategic Brain

A lawyer shouldn’t just be someone you consult when you have a legal issue. Timely input and communication from an alternative strategic brain outside of the company can help provide useful insights. A good strategic lawyer will also play devil’s advocate or ask the right questions to help you consider a new perspective or highlight mistakes to avoid. They’ll challenge you and help keep you from becoming complacent.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

A good lawyer will have worked with numerous different clients across a wide range of different industries and sectors. The best ones will have learned from this experience and are able to bring a whole new set of skills to the table. This wealth of knowledge and real world knowhow is priceless when formulating an effective business strategy. They’ll be able to help you avoid the mistakes they’ve seen others make and help you understand the reasons behind their successes.

The team at Murfett Legal are committed to helping our clients formulate the strategies that they need to succeed. We take the time to understand their business as a whole and have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the right advice at the right time. If you want to experience the benefits of having Perth’s most dedicated strategic lawyers in your corner then get in touch with us today.

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