23 Apr 2021

Internships with Murfett Legal

As I was approaching my final year at Curtin University, I understood the importance of gaining credible work experience to boost my employability. I realised that gaining practical industry experience and establishing important connections would prepare me for “the real world”. The top two tips I got from many university graduates were “find yourself an internship during the second or third year of your degree” and “apply for as many internships as you can”. As someone who is studying a double degree in Marketing and Business Law, I enjoy the creative aspects of marketing and learning the fundamentals aspects of business law. However, I naturally found it overwhelming to determine all the possible career pathways for myself and where to start with applying for internships!

After a few weeks of sending out applications to various internships, I received a call from, Corene Baird-Coetzer, the General Manager of Murfett Legal, requesting an interview with me. Soon after, I was offered an internship with Murfett Legal to work 1 day per week for nearly 3 months. Through undergoing this opportunity, I was able to gain hands-on experience in the firm’s marketing and business development aspects!

Whilst conducting various marketing related tasks, I was also surrounded by various areas of law which enabled me gain familiarity with various areas of law and have a greater understanding of the specific areas of law that Murfett Legal practices in. At first, I found it challenging to adjust myself accordingly to the professional environment. Unlike a university degree, there wasn’t a syllabus or tutor to guide you on “how to be an intern”.

In my opinion, the experience I gained from this internship could not be taught from a university degree or within the four walls of a classroom. It is a skill you learn whilst “on the job” as well as being surrounded by, and having conversations with, the professionals around you. Undertaking this internship also allowed me to improve on my communication and networking skills. Prior to working in the professional environment, I would rely on other people approaching me if they wanted something. I have since changed that mindset as I have grown to value initiating conversations and asking for assistance when required.

Throughout my experience I got to meet Lyn Hawkins, a Marketing and Business Development specialist who is also the founder of Business Women Australia.  Through this connection with Lyn, I gained valuable knowledge in marketing strategies. I was able to work on several projects where I implemented my conceptual marketing knowledge. One of the major projects included producing an electronic magazine to celebrate the firm’s 30th anniversary since establishment. In addition, I was assigned to coordinate networking events along with design  event covers for these events. As a bonus, I was invited to attend these events which allowed me to further expand my network!

At the conclusion of my internship, I was very fortunate that Murfett Legal had enjoyed having me in the office and saw value in my efforts and what I was contributing to the firm.  They offered me a permanent role as their part-time Marketing Assistant.  What better outcome could I ask for.  It was a rewarding to find out my hard work during my internship had led to my first real job in marketing!

Through integrating my conceptual knowledge and training, I was able to develop a lot of confidence in facilitating my own ideas and gain invaluable experience. The key advice I would give to students and graduates is don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on challenges that will push you to do better. Say yes to opportunity and figure out how to do it later!

For further information or assistance contact Murfett Legal on +61 8 9388 3100.
Author:      Anna Quach (Marketing Assistant)
Email:         [email protected]
Murfett Legal is a leading law firm in WA, providing services in litigation, corporate and commercial, employment and workplace relations, insolvency, debt collection, business restructuring, Wills & estates, property, leasing, settlements, liquor licensing and intellectual property.

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