Deed Safe Storage

21 Jun 2017

Deed Safe Storage

Murfett Legal offers all its clients a free service to store your Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) and other original documents (e.g. Certificate of Title, Trust Deeds etc).

We currently hold thousands of these important documents safely and securely, and note that very few law firms now offer this service and even fewer banks continue to do so.

For example, when requesting that a bank stores your documentation, if they still offer that service, it is often now “centralised” in one location (e.g. Melbourne).  Therefore, your documents are not readily accessible and retrievable.

We at Murfett Legal offer the following convenient services:

Each client document is stored in compartmentalised fireproof safes located within our secure premises (“Our Deed Safe”);

  • For each of Our Deed Safe documents we also create a scanned, electronic back-up copy which is kept on our secure encrypted computer server and is subject to our Privacy Policy;
  • A scanned copy of the documents is also saved against each client’s relevant matter file.
  • A register of all documents in Our Deed Safe is kept for easy location of documents;
  • The Death Notices are checked every day in the local newspapers and one of our staff members checks to see whether we hold the original Wills for any deceased persons in Our Deed Safe;
  • Documents are not released from Our Deed Safe to any related party or third party unless we have undertaken a full verification of identity (i.e. client’s driver’s licence produced) and if say an executor requires the documents we need to sight their driver’s licence together with the original Death Certificate (of our sadly deceased Will-maker client); and
  • We also provide a free regular courtesy-reminder service to our clients regarding Wills and EPAs.  This is beneficial in case an update is required, if there has been a change in circumstances, or a material change in the law.

For further information contact Murfett Legal by emailing one of the following directors:

Jason De Silva (Director):     [email protected]
Kelly Parker  (Director):       [email protected]
Peter Broun  (Director):       [email protected]

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