Advisory Membership Package

06 Dec 2016

Business Shake

The current legal, regulatory and business landscape continues to rapidly change and is fast becoming treacherous in a number of instances – both for individual and business owners.

Trying to navigate that landscape without first seeking proper legal guidance and advice can result in missed opportunities, exposure to unnecessary risks and be ultimately costly in the long run.

We understand that clients don’t want lawyers who hit the “time clock” each time they have a small query and seek simple, practical solutions to complex legal issues.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a team of highly experienced lawyers on a cost-effective, monthly retainer who:

  1. Are available for small, quick queries and guidance?
  2. Have significant legal and business skills, and is willing to share them with you?
  3. Are pro-active, holding regular (monthly, even weekly) meetings with you and others (e.g. your accountant, your financial and insurance advisers etc)?
  4. Assist you to make money, save money, or protect yourself?
  5. Identify issues that can be turned to your advantage and avoids the adverse ones before they become insurmountable?
  6. Genuinely care about you and your business?
  7. Help you make timely, informed decisions?

For further information contact Murfett Legal by emailing one of the following directors:

Jason De Silva (Director):     [email protected]
Kelly Parker  (Director):       [email protected]
Peter Broun  (Director):       [email protected]

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